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Professional Caster Wheel Customization Factory in China

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Qianyue Caster

A leading company specializing in the production of casters and providing customized solutions.

Our core value is to provide the highest quality caster products and the most suitable customized services to our clients. We take pride in our achievements and our commitment to excellence.

Caster Manufacturer

Provides manufacturing and production of a full range of casters

Caster Customization Service

With a professional R&D team, we provide the best quality caster solutions.

Commitment to ultra-high quality

company has strictly quality control system and professional test lab.

Professional Marketing Team

Strong team will solve all the problems about the product for you at the first time.

Product Classification

Furniture casters
Heavy Duty Casters
Medical Casters
Container casters
Airport casters

Leading the whole company to deliver the best quality caster products to the world.

Marketing Director

Sharp observation of each market to maximize product value for customers

sales manager

Leading the best business team in the caster industry to serve every customer

Business Commissioner

The best business service in the caster industry, to enhance the efficiency of customers purchasing casters

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Purchasing Agent

Very, very professional team that kept us up to speed on product information and pricing!

Equipment Manufacturers

When we provided the required parameters and detailed information, we quickly got the customized samples and reached a cooperation.

Caster Shop

Our local customers love QIANYUE casters because they are of good quality!

Medical device manufacturers

We need to purchase caster products in large quantities, and QIANYUE CASTER's assortment fits our needs well.

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