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AGV Caster Wheel Application

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) casters are like the unsung heroes in the world of automation. They play a crucial role in ensuring robotic vehicles (AGVs) smoothly navigate and transport goods in warehouses, factories, or distribution centers. Let’s break down the key features of these AGV casters in simpler terms:


    1. Precise Steering:

AGV casters steer with pinpoint accuracy. This means AGVs can move precisely where needed, ensuring goods get from one place to another in a facility efficiently.

    1. Move in Any Direction:

Many AGV casters have wheels that can move in any direction. Think of it like a shopping cart that can slide sideways. This flexibility is super helpful in tight spaces and places with many things around.

    1. Tough and Durable:

AGV casters are like the superheroes of durability. They can carry heavy things and move constantly without breaking a sweat. They are made of solid materials and last a long time.

    1. Easy to Take Care Of:

AGV casters only need a little looking after. They keep AGVs running smoothly with minimal downtime. This helps make sure everything in the automated system keeps working well.

    1. Team Players with AGV Systems:

AGV casters work together with the whole AGV system. They chat with sensors, follow navigation systems, and dance with control software to ensure the AGV moves precisely and safely.

    1. Adjustable Height:

Some AGV casters can change their height. It’s like having a car that can adjust its suspension. This feature helps AGVs deal with different heights of loads or uneven surfaces.

    1. Carry a Lot or a Little:

AGV casters are flexible regarding how much weight they can handle. These casters are up for the challenge, whether light or heavy-duty industrial stuff.

    1. Safety First:

AGV casters are like safety guards. They have sensors to avoid collisions, detect obstacles, and control speed. This makes sure everyone and everything stays safe in busy environments, preventing accidents.

Applications of AGV Casters:

  • Moving Stuff Around:

AGV casters are like the delivery trucks of the automation world, moving things from one place to another in warehouses and factories.

  • Helping in Warehouses:

They’re the behind-the-scenes workers in automated warehouses, ensuring goods go to the right places and helping manage inventory.

AGV Caster Wheel Machine
AGV Casters
  • Assembly Line Assistance:

AGVs with special casters are like factory assistants, carrying parts between different workstations precisely.

  • Efficient Distribution:

AGV casters are the speedsters in distribution centers, automating the movement of goods to ensure orders quickly and accurately.

In a nutshell, AGV casters are like the reliable sidekicks in the world of automation, ensuring AGVs can do their jobs smoothly in all industries. Their cool features and toughness make them a must-have for businesses looking to make their material handling and logistics processes super efficient through automation.

3 main systems of high-quality PU

AGV caster PU Single Wheel
AGV Caster PU Wheel
AGV Single PU Wheel Caster
PU AGV Single Wheel

1、PTMEG Series: Premium Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol

2、MDI Series: Methylene Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate

3、PPG MDI Series: PPG/MDI Polyether

 Product codePCI
PPG MDI Series
Economical single-wheel material
MDI Series
Special single-wheel material
PTMEG Series
High-performance single wheel material



Starting force★★★★★★★★★★
Working Temperature-15 ~ 65℃-40 ~ 65℃-40 ~ 85℃
Aging resistance★★★★★★★★★★
Wear resistance★★★★★★★★★★★★
Surface resistance1010Ω1010Ω1010Ω
Fire resistance★★★★★★★★
Hydrolysis resistance★★★★★★★★★
High rebound★★★★★
High speed★ ≤4km/H★★  ≤8/km/H★★★★★ ≤16km/H
Weather fastness★★★★★★★★★★★
Recommended load1-1500kgs1-3500kgs1-6000kgs



MOCA/g(100g prepolymer)9.0±0.26.0±0.26.2±0.2
NCO Content %9.317.518
BDO/g(100g prepolymer)95±160D95±1
Hardness(Shore A)12.312.212.8
100% Modulus /Mpa555848
Tensile Strength/Mpa530530350
Elongation at  break/%394147
Springback /%
Density (25℃(g/cm3)385538
Abrasion Loss/mm39.0±0.26.0±0.26.2±0.2

Qianyue Caster FAQs

1. Question: How do I determine what size casters I need?

Answer: The process of determining caster size requires consideration of several factors. First, you need to consider your load capacity, which is the weight of your equipment or items. Larger loads require more oversized diameter casters to handle the weight. Secondly, you need to consider the surface you are using it on; different types of surfaces may require different types of casters to ensure good performance. For example, smooth tile or hard floors may require casters with high grip, while soft surfaces require softer tire materials. Finally, consider the application environment, such as whether the device needs to be moved or transported frequently, whether it needs to be used in different terrains or environments, etc. Considering these factors, you can determine the caster size you need based on load capacity, surface of use, and application environment.

Qianyue Casters can provide casters of various sizes, including 1/1.25/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/16 inches, etc. Different sizes can also be customized according to customer needs. Casters. When purchasing, it is best to have detailed communication with our sales staff to ensure that the caster size you choose meets your needs.

2. Question: How do you judge the wear resistance of casters? Will the casters I purchase stand up to long-term use?

Answer: Judging the wear resistance of casters mainly depends on the tire material. Polyurethane and rubber are common wear-resistant materials that generally perform well. Additionally, you need to consider load and frequency of use. If the casters you choose can handle heavy loads or frequent use, choose a more wear-resistant material to ensure the longevity of the casters.

Qianyue Casters provides wheels of various materials, including Rubber/PP/PVC/TPR/PA/PU/Iron/Stainless Steel, etc. These materials have excellent wear resistance and can be adapted to various usage scenarios and floors. You can consult our sales team for more information about wear resistance.

3. Question: How do I determine the load capacity of the casters I need? What factors influence it?

Answer: The load capacity of a caster refers to the maximum weight it can bear. When choosing casters, you must consider the load’s type, size, and distribution. If you need to bear a lot of weight, choose casters with a load capacity slightly larger than your needs to ensure safety and stability. In addition, the quality of tire and axle materials also directly affects load capacity. Generally speaking, high-quality materials provide higher load capacity and longer service life.

When choosing casters, refer to the product specification sheet provided by the manufacturer or contact our sales team for more information. We can also provide you with methods to calculate load capacity so that you can choose based on actual conditions. Qianyue Casters provides casters with a load-bearing range from 1 kg to 60 tons, so you can safely state your load-bearing requirements.

4. Question: Are the casters I purchased prone to making noise? Are there ways to reduce or avoid the noise?

Answer: Some casters may produce noise, which may be disturbing to people or the surrounding environment. To reduce noise, there are some things you can do. First, choose casters with cushioning material to reduce noise. Secondly, regular lubrication of bearings and critical connection points can ensure the casters run smoothly without resistance, thereby reducing noise generation. In addition, noise can be reduced by choosing the type of caster suitable for the application environment. For example, rubber tires are better at reducing vibration and noise.

Generally speaking, TPR has a better mute effect, and when combined with engineered nylon, it can be used in places with low noise requirements, such as hospitals. If you are concerned about noise issues, consult our sales team for further advice and solutions.

5. Question: What hardness of casters should be chosen to adapt to different application scenarios?

Answer: The hardness of casters is an essential factor affecting driving stability and impact on the ground. Using more challenging casters on hard surfaces provides better support and stability, while using softer casters on uneven surfaces provides better cushioning. Therefore, when selecting casters, you need to consider the ground conditions of the application scenario and choose casters with appropriate hardness to meet the needs.

It should be noted that casters that are too hard may cause damage to the ground and impact the equipment, while casters that are too soft may affect driving stability. Therefore, actual needs and usage conditions must be considered when selecting hardness.

6. Question: Why are the prices of casters of different brands and models so different? What factors do the price differences mainly depend on?

Answer: There are many reasons why the prices of casters of different brands and models vary greatly. First of all, quality is an essential factor. High-quality casters usually use durable materials and advanced manufacturing technology, so the price is relatively high. Secondly, brand reputation is also a factor that affects price. Casters from well-known brands may be more expensive than casters from unknown brands. In addition, the manufacturing process, design, features, and accessories may also affect the price. For example, some high-end casters may have more features and accessories, such as braking systems, navigation systems, etc., which will increase the price.

7. Question: What is the status of Qianyue Caster’s production and customized caster services? :

Answer: Qianyue Casters typically delivers ordinary bulk goods within seven days and performs well in production. We have an efficient and professional customization service process for customized casters. We can produce design drawings within 24 hours, complete customized sample proofing within four days, and complete small batch customized delivery within eight days. Overall, Qianyue Casters’ service process is efficient, professional, and stable and can meet the various needs of customers.

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