An analysis of the different categories of casters and their applications

Within the category of casters, there are many different caster products, each of which is used in different scenarios and environments. This post will analyze the composition and application of casters in depth.

  • What is a caster wheel?
  •  Parts of the caster wheels
  •  Types and Applications of Caster Wheel
  •  Top 5 Caster Wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers

Whats is the caster wheels

Regarding casters, I still believe there are many people who are not familiar with it. Casters are non-driven wheels designed to attach to the bottom of an object in order to move that object. They can often be found in our daily lives and are an essential part of many industries, helping to easily transport and maneuver a variety of items, from lightweight office chairs to heavy-duty industrial machinery.

Parts of the caster wheels

  1. The bracket/mounting plate is the more important part of the caster system and is the structural part that supports the wheel.
  2. The steering bearing determines the swivel and steering performance of the caster, allowing the wheel frame to rotate freely, thus realizing the flexible steering of the caster.
  3. The axle bolt fixes the wheel to the yoke frame.
  4. Small metal parts around the wheel are held in place by metal rings called raceways
  5. The wheel is the central part of the caster and provides motion to the caster
  6. some casters are equipped with a brake system that immobilizes the wheel for rotation or swivel and increases the stability of the equipment.
You also need to choose the right size when buying casters. This mainly includes the diameter of the caster, the wheel width and the mounting height.
  • 1-3 inches: suitable for light equipment and furniture belongs to light casters
  • Above 6 inches: belong to heavy duty casters, applicable to industrial equipment and part of the transportation

Wheel Material


Cast iron

High-capacity and abrasion-resistant for easy rolling and long service life on concrete. High-temperature options available.

Ductile iron

Superior resistance to breakage, cracking and chipping for long service life in the most severe applications.

Forged steel

Nearly indestructible in normal applications and long service life. Used where floor protection is a secondary consideration, or for use on steel plates.

Glass-filled nylon

Will not chip, absorb water or break down in caustic environments. High-temperature options available.


Rejects debris while offering the same great features as a pneumatic wheel without going flat.


High resistance from oil and chemicals while providing sufficient cushioning to substantially lower or eliminate shock, vibration and noise levels.


Withstands solvents, corrosive environments and temperature extremes.


Floor protective and highly resistant to oil, grease, gasoline and mild acids. Recommended for use on smooth concrete. Not recommended for wet applications or use over rough surfaces. High-temperature options available.


Lightweight, one-piece solid sanitary design suited for use in wet and corrosive applications.


Resists absorption and withstands most chemicals and solvents.


Easy-rolling wheels cushion loads, protect floors and offer superior chemical resistance.


Long-wearing wheels provide floor protection and quiet operation. Includes pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and flat-free options.

Stainless steel

Strong and durable design. Ideal for use in wet, corrosive or sanitary environments.


Provides strength and shock resistance with long service life and economy for use in rough service conditions.

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

Chemical- and water-resistant. Absorbs shock and protects floors while providing easy rollability. High-temperature options available.


Highest quality polyurethane. Extremely durable with excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to roll.

Types and Applications of Caster Wheel

Casters can be found in every industry and they silently enhance the efficiency for work. Here is the full classification of casters along with their features.

  • Fixed casters: move in one direction only, providing stability and fixed directional control. Suitable for equipment that requires only linear movement, such as conveyor belts and shelves.
  • Universal casters: can rotate 360° freely, providing high flexibility and maneuverability. Suitable for equipment and furniture that requires flexible movement, such as carts, desks and chairs.
  • Brake casters: with brake and locking caster device, can lock the casters and steering, has provided additional safety. Ideal for equipment that requires fixed parking, such as medical equipment and displays.
  • Shock absorbing casters: Shock absorbing components have been added to the original caster design to absorb shock and vibration and provide smooth movement. Suitable for transportation and equipment that requires stable movement, such as laboratory equipment and electronic equipment.
  • Dual Wheel Casters: 2 wheels on each stand to provide greater stability and load capacity. Used for loading and smooth movement of large equipment such as heavy duty carts and industrial equipment
  • Guide casters: Specialized for guided movement, often used in precision positioning equipment. Used in applications where the direction of movement is strictly controlled, such as guiding vehicles and logistics equipment.
  • Medical casters: casters specially developed for hospitals and clinics, with silent and anti-bacterial properties, usually with brakes and anti-static function. They are suitable for medical equipment, hospital beds and nursing trolleys.
  • Heavy duty casters: a caster designed for heavy duty equipment with superb load capacity and durability. Suitable for heavy machinery in industry and manufacturing, such as warehouse racks and construction equipment.
  • Light duty casters: used in light equipment and furniture, characterized by light weight and flexible movement.
  • High-temperature resistant wheels: made of high-temperature resistant materials, suitable for work in high-temperature environments, such as drying equipment and high-temperature industrial equipment.
  • Anti-static casters: to prevent static electricity from gathering, applicable in the need for anti-static environment, such as the electronics manufacturing industry. Usually used in electronic factories, laboratories and motor rooms.
  • Outdoor casters: designed for use in outdoor environments, usually with weatherproof and waterproof characteristics, suitable for outdoor equipment and open-air exhibition equipment, etc.
  • Extra heavy duty casters: social casters for extreme load demands, with high load capacity and durability, commonly used in aerospace, ships and large machinery and equipment.
  • Transparent casters: Wheels with transparent design, suitable for occasions that require aesthetics and low noise, such as exhibitions and display equipment, often used in high-end furniture to enhance the attractiveness.
  • Plastic casters: lightweight, corrosion-resistant, suitable for wet or corrosive environments. Commonly used in kitchen equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

Top 5 Caster wheels Manufacturers and Suppliers

1.Colson Group: One of the world’s largest manufacturers of casters and wheels with several well-known brands. Global manufacturing and distribution network, innovative caster designs and high quality products.

2.Qianyue Caster: A leader in China’s caster industry and one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of casters in China. We have cooperated with every famous caster brand in the world, and our products are distributed all over the world. We provide a full range of caster products and professional caster solutions.

Super high quality and very cost-effective price is their advantage.

3.Tente: one of the world famous caster manufacturers, headquartered in Germany, products are sold to more than 120 countries around the world. Technological innovation and high quality standards, providing customized solutions and excellent customer service.

4.Darcor: Founded in 1931 and headquartered in Canada, Darcor is a well-known caster manufacturer specializing in the development and production of high performance casters.

5.Hamilton Caster: Founded in 1907 and headquartered in the United States, Hamilton Caster is a long-established manufacturer of casters and wheels. High load carrying capacity and durability, providing customized solutions dedicated to meeting a variety of complex needs.

The choice of casters is always diverse, according to the current project needs and environmental factors such as the initial selection of the appropriate category of casters, and then through the equipment and other factors to choose the size. Confirm all the styles and parameters of casters and then choose the right caster suppliers or manufacturers, and the other side to put forward all your requirements and produce drawings and samples. Choosing the right caster manufacturer and supplier is a crucial part.

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