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QIanYue Caster provides casters for a wide range of industries. This includes automotive, medical field, heavy manufacturing, equipment transportation, logistics and transportation, furniture manufacturing and other industries offering a wide and deep range of caster products!

As one of the leading caster manufacturers in China, we offer a wide range of caster styles with superb customization capabilities to meet customers’ needs.

Below are the products of our casters, if you are interested in which caster, please feel free to leave a message or contact us. We will contact you at the first time and provide the most affordable caster quote.

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About Harbour freight casters

What are the main types of caster wheels and their uses?

Caster wheels come in various types, each suited for different applications:
Polypropylene: Inexpensive, lightweight, water-resistant, and ideal for chemical applications. However, they are noisy and perform poorly on rough surfaces.
Rubber (TPR, TPE): Offers floor protection, vibration dampening, and quiet mobility. TPR is economical, while TPE provides greater durability and debris rejection.
Polyurethane: Durable, offers floor protection, and resists chemicals and oils. Ideal for industrial applications.
Phenolic: High load ratings and durability, suitable for heavy-duty uses.
Metal: Highest load ratings and shock resistance, used in extreme conditions​

How do I choose the right caster wheel for my needs?

To choose the right caster wheel:
Determine Load Capacity: Calculate the maximum weight the caster will support and divide by the number of casters minus one.
Floor Conditions: Consider the type of flooring (e.g., concrete, carpet) and select a wheel material that performs well on that surface.
Operating Environment: Account for exposure to chemicals, temperature extremes, and the need for noise reduction​

Can caster wheels be used on different floor types?

Yes, different caster wheels are designed for specific floor types. For example:
Rubber on Aluminum: Suitable for various surfaces like carpet, brick, concrete, and tile. They offer noise reduction and floor protection.
Pneumatic Wheels: Ideal for rough surfaces and providing cushioning, suitable for applications requiring shock absorption​

What maintenance do caster wheels require?

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of caster wheels. This includes:
Inspection: Regularly check for wear and damage.
Lubrication: Lubricate swivel and wheel bearings periodically.
Cleaning: Remove debris from wheels to ensure smooth operation.
Tightening: Check and tighten any loose fasteners​ 

What are the benefits of polyurethane caster wheels over rubber caster wheels?

Polyurethane caster wheels offer several advantages over rubber caster wheels:
Durability: More resistant to wear and tear.
Load Capacity: Can handle heavier loads.
Chemical Resistance: Better suited for environments with exposure to oils and chemicals.

Noise Reduction: While rubber wheels are quieter, polyurethane wheels provide a good balance of durability and noise reduction​

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