Professional Caster Wheel Customization Factory in China

Why choose Qianyue Caster?

Professional Caster Wheel Customization Factory in China

Qianyue Caster Wheel

Qianyue offers caster wheel customization for producing different wheels, brackets, and parts. We can provide different production processes including stamping, welding, bending, assembly, laser cutting, and more. Our engineers can bend, fold, or cut different metal materials to form any shape and make the wheels according to the designs.

We are equipped with advanced processing equipment such as special machines. Qianyue has high-quality mold injection machines that are essential for wheel production.

Qianyue is also integrated with world-class CNC machines. It allows us to create a very sharp angle and bend to the metal. Different industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction can benefit from our caster wheels.

If you need custom caster wheel services, choose Qianyue as your manufacturer!

Custom Any Caster Wheel for Your Project

Qianyue has full capabilities in customizing any caster wheels through our production services. We can manufacture according to your specific designs, shapes, sizes, surface finishes, thicknesses, and more. Our engineers can customize your orders through the following services and processes:

  • We use laser cutting for easy and precise bracket metal cutting.
  • Qianyue uses punching techniques for forming perforations.
  • We offer to bend or folding process by using press brakes.
  • Qianyue uses different welding techniques, such as spot welding, TIG welding, etc.
  • We offer custom different wheel materials such as TPR, PP, PVC, Nylon, etc.
  • Qianyue uses different techniques to make the wheels, such as infusion, injection molding, die casting, etc.

Aside from that, Qianyue is also an expert in caster wheel assembly, stamping, hole punching, packing, and more.

Qianyue Hot Selling Caster Wheel

108 Chrome Plated light duty caster wheel

Light Duty Furniture Caster Wheel

Smooth-gliding casters for easy mobility, enhancing versatility and style in lightweight furniture.

Medium Duty Trolley Caster Wheel

Medium Duty Trolley Caster Wheel

Durable mid-duty cart wheels ensure effortless maneuvering, supporting reliable performance for various loads.

Heavy Duty Industrial Caster Wheel

Heavy Duty Industrial Caster Wheel

Robust industrial casters for heavy loads, providing unparalleled strength, stability, and smooth mobility in demanding environments.

Super Heavy Duty Caster

Super Heavy Duty Caster

Super heavy-duty casters: Engineered for extreme loads, these robust wheels deliver unparalleled strength and stability in demanding industrial applications.

Medical Caster Wheel

Medical Caster Wheel

Precision medical casters ensure seamless mobility, hygiene, and ease for healthcare equipment, enhancing patient care.

Air Cargo Caster Wheel

Air Cargo Caster Wheel

Air cargo caster wheels, engineered for precision and durability, ensure smooth ground handling and airport operational efficiency.

Container Caster Wheel

Container Caster Wheel

Container casters, built for rugged reliability, facilitate efficient movement and handling in shipping and logistics operations.

Scaffolding Caster Wheel

Scaffolding Caster

Scaffolding Casters: Boost safety and mobility for efficient construction tasks. Durable wheels support versatile scaffold systems.


Our caster wheels service can produce aluminum and steel parts that are ready to use for spacecraft or aircraft.


Qianyue can produce caster wheels for automated conveyor belts, handling equipment, slide rails, and so on.


We can provide sheet caster wheels production for producing construction parts such as scaffolding, trolleys, large construction machines, and so on.

Why do 1000+ Clients trust Qianyue Caster?

Our caster wheel provides a lot of benefits to many industries, businesses, and projects. Below are the advantages of our services.

  • Affordable and Fast Production
    • We can quickly produce different caster wheel prototypes and final products. Qianyue offers speedy production while assuring high precision. Our high-volume production also allows us to have cost-effective caster wheel production.
  • Excellent Strength-to-Weight Ratio
    • Through our advanced caster wheel production, we can produce caster wheels that are high loading capacity yet durable. We assure high strength, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance to all produced caster wheel products.
  • Wide Range of Materials and Techniques Used
    • We are experts in different caster wheel production techniques, allowing us to produce complex parts with additional intricate features such as notches, slots, holes, etc. Our wide range of caster wheel materials can also withstand electrical, high heat, corrosion, and more.

Wheel Manufacturing Processing

Qianyue Caster has a complete set of wheel production technology and can produce wheels of various materials.

Mold Injection
Die Casting

Bracket Manufacturing Processing

Qianyue Caster has a complete set of brackets production technology and can produce brackets of various materials.

Auto Welding
CAD Design
Laser Cutting
Silk Print

Bracket Surface Finished

Qianyue Caster has a complete set of surface-finished technology and can produce brackets of various surfaces.

Zinc Plated
Electronic Black
Sand Blast
Chrome Plated
Spray Paint

Material You Can Choose for Your Wheels

Qianyue uses a wide range of material selections for our wheel process. Among our materials are aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, PP, PU, TPR, Nylon, iron, rubber, and more. Each material is available in different grades and varieties. Rest assured that all the materials used for your wheels are durable, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, rust-proof, wear-resistant, and high-performance. If you want a specific material to be used in the caster wheels process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • PP
  • PVC
  • TPR
  • PU
  • Rubber
  • Nylon
  • Iron
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Stainless Steel
  • High-temperature Resistant TPR
  • MC Nylon
  • Degaussed Stainless Steel

Caster Wheel Application Classification

Casters manufactured by Qianyue Caster are used in all aspects of life/industry.

Recent Caster Wheel Customization Solutions

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Anti-rolled-in Baby Care Bracket Raised Casters

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