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When choosing the right casters for your furniture, medical equipment, or industrial machinery, understanding the key measurements and specifications is essential for ensuring optimal functionality and safety. Casters are integral components in mobile solutions across various sectors. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the crucial metrics and data points you need to consider to select the perfect casters for any application. 1. Wheel Diameter The caster wheel diameter is pivotal for determining mobility. Larger wheels are better suited for traversing over obstacles and rough terrains, making them ideal for industrial applications and heavy-duty requirements. This measurement directly influences how smoothly the caster can navigate across different surfaces. 2. Wheel Width Wheel

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AGV キャスター

Industrial casters play a crucial role in the efficient and safe movement of equipment, furniture, and machinery in various industrial settings. When selecting the right casters for your specific needs, considering these five key points can guide you towards making informed decisions that enhance productivity and safety while minimizing maintenance costs. 2. Floor Conditions and Environment: The type of flooring and the environment where the casters will be used play a significant role in their performance and longevity. For instance, if your facility has rough or uneven floors, selecting casters with durable wheels that can withstand such conditions is essential. Similarly, if the environment involves exposure to moisture, chemicals, or

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In the realm of medical equipment, surgical tables stand as indispensable assets, with caster wheels being instrumental in their functionality. These wheels not only bear the weight of the surgical table but also harbor a multitude of essential characteristics aimed at guaranteeing stability, safety, and ease of operation during surgical procedures. Silent Operation and Friction Reduction First and foremost, the design of caster wheels for surgical tables prioritizes silent operation. Operating rooms demand a serene environment conducive to concentration for surgical teams and comfort for patients. Thus, wheel designs meticulously minimize friction and noise to ensure a tranquil surgical setting where focus remains undisturbed. Utilization of Corrosion-Resistant Materials Given the

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