Locking Casters (with Brakes): Features, Application Maintenance and Top Manufacturers

Caster wheels can help move objects on different surfaces and are one of the essential accessories in people’s working life. Provide ultra-high working efficiency at the same time, also can make the equipment installed casters application safety, especially in specific occasions, often need to brake to hold the equipment and instruments, we usually use locking casters. This article explains the main features of locking casters, materials of construction, applications and related caster manufacturers and other related information.

Structure of locking casters

The design and composition of a locking caster is usually derived from the base caster, with the addition of a fixed steering and wheel mechanism to the original caster structure, and different locking mechanisms applied in different situations.

  • Single Lock: It is designed to lock the wheel movement function only, preventing the caster from moving back and forth under braking condition. It usually consists of a metal lever or snap, and is locked by foot pressure.
  • Double lock: The mechanism of double lock is not only limited to the fixation of the wheel, but also will the caster in the locked state of static it rotates. Usually consists of two separate locking lever, carabiner, etc., respectively, to lock the wheel movement and wheel rotation.

The main characteristics of locking casters

  • Safety: Safety is especially important in the application of casters, which can effectively prevent equipment, instruments and furniture from moving around during use. This is important for applications where the caster needs to be fixed in place.
  • Stability: The need for casters is different in different environments, especially on tilted or uneven surfaces. Locking casters ensure the stability of the equipment and reduce the risk of tilting or even falling.
  • Flexibility of operation: The design of locking casters is especially important when it comes to narrow and frequent use of formulated situations. It has a very simple locking, making and unlocking mechanism, usually one foot can complete all the operations. Trains, food carts on airplanes and carts in warehouses are good examples.
  • Applicability: They are essential in medical equipment, industrial applications, furniture, carts and storage and transportation. The wide range of applications meets the needs of most scenarios and has given rise to many different styles.
  • Durability: Locking devices are relatively simple and robust, with good resistance to wear and corrosion. At the same time with high strength and fine craftsmanship, the whole caster structure can withstand high load equipment.

Application of locking casters (brake casters)

Locking casters are used in a wide range of applications, covering almost every industry because of their ability to provide security while still being safe. Below are some of the main areas of application and uses:

  1. In the medical industry, medical equipment usually requires high stability and safety, and simple casters cannot meet their needs. Commonly used in hospital beds, medical trolleys, operating tables and compact equipment, both to provide stability for doctors and nurses, but also to bring comfort to patients, is one of the indispensable parts of the medical field.

  2. Furniture is also relatively widely used, whether it is the family dining chair or office chairs and cabinets, with locking casters for them to bring very good convenience and stability. Commonly used dining chair casters, office chair casters, cart casters and so on.

  3. In the industrial environment, machinery and equipment often need to be fixed in the same place for a long time, locking casters play a vital role in fixing. Tool trolleys in the workshop need to be frequently moved and fixed, its convenient characteristics is a very key factor.

  4. In the commercial field, we can see that locking casters and brake casters are used in supermarket carts, display racks, shelves and advertising racks. They provide security and convenience in commercial environments.

  5. Casters are also very important in logistics and warehousing, moving goods while still needing to take into account the safety and stability of the function. Meet the needs of mobility while also applying good quality and appropriate features to maximize work efficiency.

How to choose locking casters and brake casters?

Choosing The right locking casters for your project and scenario needs often requires several considerations. Listed below are a few key points of information to help make an accurate decision.

  • Weight capacity:
    The weight capacity of the caster is one of the most critical factors. To ensure safety and functionality, the total weight of the equipment or item and any additional loads need to be calculated.
  • Wheel size:
    When selecting casters, size selection is also important. 1″-3″ are light casters for furniture and office areas, etc.; 4-6″ are medium-sized casters usually used in equipment, carts, and instruments; and Dr. 4″ are large-sized casters for most applications in industrial and heavy-duty equipment, providing safety and stability.
  • The material of casters:
    There are many choices of caster wheels for different application scenarios. For example, rubber, low noise and will not damage the ground, suitable for indoor and hard floor use. Polyurethane is very durable and very wear-resistant, suitable for industrial environments. Nylon has a high load capacity and is rugged but noisy.
  • Types of Locking Mechanisms:
    Depending on your need for stability there are wheel brakes, double locking mechanisms and directional locking.
  • Installation Methods:
    The mounting types of locking casters are casters with base plates (applying mounting plates with bolts for fixing and providing high strength support), plug-in casters (inserting the casters into the pre-drilled holes and fixing them with nuts or other fittings)
  • Bracket material:
    according to the environmental factors to choose the appropriate bracket material, for example, in the corrosive environment should choose stainless steel bracket or corrosion-resistant materials, extreme temperatures to choose to withstand high or low temperatures and will not be degraded material.

Maintenance of casters

  1. Casters need to carry out regular cleaning of the surface and bearings to avoid the accumulation of dust and wire entanglements. This affects the movement and rotation of the casters.

  2. Regularly check whether the screws and nuts are loose, if any, need to be tightened to ensure safety.

  3. In the swivel bearing and wheel bearing need to add lubricant to them regularly, to ensure the flexibility and convenience of operation, but also to avoid the damage of the bearing.

  4. Even the best quality casters will be aging with the passage of time, in this case you need to replace the casters on a regular basis, especially in the inspection found that casters have a significant decline in performance and damage to components, is to ensure that furniture, equipment and instruments, and the stability of the work of the work of the stability and safety of the important measures.

Top 5 Caster wheels Manufacturers/Suppliers

1.Colson Group

One of the global leaders in casters and wheels with a wide range of high quality casters. The company utilizes a number of sub-brands, including Albion, Colson, MedCaster, Pemco, and others, and serves a wide range of industries, including medical, industrial, automotive, and logistics.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of caster solutions, it is best known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. With a strong presence in the company, Tente serves multiple segments of healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and commercial.


A brand of the Colson Group, Albion offers a full range of industrial casters and wheels. Specializing in durability and reliability, the company primarily serves the manufacturing, warehousing, and large equipment sectors.

4.Hamilton Caster

One of the leading manufacturers of heavy duty casters and wheels, specializing in industrial applications. Has been delivering high quality oil resistant casters to customers worldwide for a long time.

5.Qianyue Caster

A renowned manufacturer of high quality casters from China, known for their innovative designs and comprehensive customization services, serving multiple industries including furniture, medical, warehousing, and industrial, with a wide variety of categories and favorable prices as their hallmarks.


Through the above explanation of locking casters (brake casters) function, application, maintenance and quality suppliers, you should be able to more clearly recognize and understand the benefits and convenience that locking casters bring to us, and you can make the appropriate purchasing choices according to your specific needs, to bring higher efficiency and safety to your own projects and engineering.

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