31 series: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch TPR double wheel medical wheel

High-quality TPR swivel plate medical casters, 3-4 inch sizes. Ideal for medical equipment. Durable, quiet operation. 1-year warranty. Fast delivery by Qianyue/OEM.


Detailed Product Description

Medical Swivel Plate Casters – Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels, 3-4 Inch Sizes

Ensure smooth and safe mobility for medical and beauty equipment with these high-quality Medical Swivel Plate Casters. Designed with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels, these casters offer excellent durability, quiet operation, and superior performance in medical environments.

Key Features:

  • Industry-Specific Attributes: Specially designed for medical applications, these casters are perfect for medical equipment, beauty equipment, baby beds, and medical beds.
  • Material: Constructed with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) for exceptional durability, low noise, and a smooth rolling experience.
  • Type: Swivel plate casters allow for easy maneuverability and precise directional control, crucial for medical settings.
  • Dimensions: Available in wheel diameters of 3 inches and 4 inches, with a wheel width ranging from 75mm to 100mm.
  • Load Capacity: Engineered to support significant loads, ensuring reliable performance for various medical and beauty equipment.
  • Customization: Offers OEM and ODM support to cater to specific customer needs and applications.
  • Warranty: Includes a 1-year warranty for added confidence and reliability.
  • Color: White and grey color scheme to blend seamlessly with most medical and beauty equipment.

Additional Information:

  • Product Name: Medical caster, branded by Qianyue/OEM.
  • Style: TPR medical wheel with ball bearings for smooth and silent operation.
  • Mounting Type: Plate swivel for secure attachment and enhanced mobility.
  • Packaging: Delivered in carton packing to ensure safe and damage-free transportation.
  • MOQ: Minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.
  • Delivery Time: Quick delivery within 15 days to meet urgent requirements.
  • Supply Ability: Capable of producing up to 5,000,000 pieces per month, ensuring a steady supply for large-scale demands.
  • Lead Time: 15 days for orders up to 10,000 pieces; negotiable for larger quantities.

Packaging and Delivery:

  • Single Item Packaging Size: 30X30X30 cm.
  • Single Gross Weight: 5.000 kg.
  • Port of Shipment: Xiaolan.

With the Medical Swivel Plate Casters from Qianyue/OEM, you can enhance the efficiency, safety, and mobility of medical and beauty equipment, ensuring optimal performance in demanding healthcare environments.


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